ELIS PLAST s. r. o., Chrást u Plzně 

The company Elis-Plast spol. s.r.o. is a purely Czech private company and it was founded in 1991 as a subsidiary of the company Elis Plzeň spol. s.r.o.

The company was formed by privatization of resort of plastic materials Škoda Plzeň a.s. and in its beginning was mainly engaged in production of parts in individual plants of Škoda a.s.(parts and components for production of electric locomotives and trolleybusses).

In 1996 the company Elis-Plast spol. s.r.o. bought a new production premises and spread their services. The company is able to process common and engineering thermoplastic by plastic injection, vacuum forming or plastic coating.Elis-Plast provides services as processing of the technical documentation, ensuring of forms production or manufacture of the final products. The firm offers production of parts by plastic injection up to 300 g weight, vacuum forming parts up to size of 1600 x 700 mm and maximum thickness 6mm. Fluid plastic coating of metal objects is performed by polyamide Rilsan or by PE up to a maximum lenght of 1400 mm.

The major part of the production of the company Elis-Plast spol. s.r.o. is formed by production of plastic parts to an order. The firm is able to produce different plastic components according to drawing documentation. The remaining part of the production which is directly intended for the end costumer is the production of garden sortiment, autotuning and now also manufacture of boxes for swifts and bats.