Boxes for swifts and bats 

Boxes for swifts and bats serve as a nesting site. They are intended to add at houses where this kinds of animals be nested and on which will be perform insulation. Boxes were developed in collaboration with an Animal Rescue Station Pilsen. Boxes has already been succesfully used for insulation of prefabricated buildings in Pilsen.



- the best way to add the box is by standard glue for the installation at the polystyrene plates. Do it only at prepared and cleaned space directly to the facade so that the fixed part of the instalation will be inserted into the polystyrene plates

- before mounting the first box we recommend to carefully measure all the space and insert wall plugs then progressively glue one after another and with screws secure them at the wall so that will be in straight line

- we recommend to stick the boxes with downwards opening then glue polystyrene insulation plates or with instalation foam to fill all the voids and drag gauze or facade



Box for bats:

Sizes 400 x 365 x 80 mm
Opening port 365 x 70 mm
Weight cca 2,7 kg
Package contents: The plastic box, 2 screws with wall plugs to attachment at the wall

Box for swifts:

Bottom (internal surface) 30 x 14 cm
Roof (external sizes) 34 x 23 cm
Box height 18 cm
Wall thickness 1,5 cm
Opening port 7 x 3,5 cm
Weight cca 1,3 kg
Package contents: The plastic box with glued roof and internal frame, the external frame for the finishing of opening port, 4 screws for attach the frame